The success of your event is highly important to us. So, in order to achieve better mutual understanding, we kindly ask all our customers to read our “Terms of Service” carefully. Should you require some additional information you can’t find in this document, please do not hesitate to call us. We will be happy to answer all your questions.

Kindly note that all the prices are subject to change without a prior notice. The price changes do not apply to approved orders that are confirmed through an advance payment. In the rare cases, the price changes can occur only in the event of an exceptional increase of market prices and/or in case of any significant changes of order parameters.

The order must be confirmed by parties in written agreement no later than 7 (seven) days before the date of the event (hereinafter “Preliminary order”). Any changes can be made to the “Preliminary order” no later than 2 days before the event, by mutual agreement of the parties. All the amendments must be confirmed by the parties through the signing of the “Final Order”.

Loss and damage
The customer bears full responsibility for the leased equipment. Responsibility comes from the moment of delivery and ends at the time of the start of the export of equipment after the event. Kindly note that any damage, loss, and breakage of the equipment will be included in the final bill.

We are responsible for the timely delivery, but we can not guarantee it in the event of circumstances beyond our control (force majeure). In the event of such circumstances, we undertake to notify the client in time and take all necessary actions to ensure our obligations.

Return of the Equipment
In most cases, we export the equipment at the end of the event, unless otherwise agreed by the parties.

Complaints and Suggestions
We shall receive your complaints and suggestions within 48 hours after the event so that we could undertake the appropriate actions.

Force Majeure
The parties are exempt from liability for non-fulfillment of their obligations under this Agreement if this failure occurred due to circumstances that the Parties could neither foresee nor prevent (force majeure circumstances). Such circumstances include natural disasters, decisions of state bodies of executive or legislative power. The fact of force majeure circumstances must be confirmed by the conclusion of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Ukraine. Parties should inform each other of such events by mail, fax, e-mail, telephone or other available means within three days from the start of such events.

Kindly note, that we charge for the staff depending on the cost of one shift, which equates to 6 hours. Any extra hours are charged separately. Also, we change the additional staff transportation fees in case the staff has to service your event after 22:30.

Advance Payments
You have to pay the 50% advance payment of your order no later than 7 (seven) days before the date of the event. The final calculation must be made after the event. Advance payments are not refundable.

Cancelation of the Events
You have to notify us about the cancellation of the event no later than 24 hours before.
The cancellation of an event within less than 3 (three) days involves the payment of 50% of the order value.
The cancellation of the event within less than 24 hours implies the payment of 100% of the order value.

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